Technology Support For Mortgage Brokers

Offering an innovative software system developed to enhance all areas of your business from lead generation and sales progression through to business processing and customer retention.

We work with a trusted, select group of partners to co-create tailored propositions that not only take your business through digital transformation, but which position you to anticipate and prepare for future challenges that are over the horizon.

Our combined expertise leverages the extensive experience and proven track record of partnerships required to create services and products which meet your immediate needs as well as your aspirations.


We have developed an all encompassing and complete online business solution for the financial services industry called Revolution. Either click on the button below to visit the Revolution website, or read about the key features and benefits using the table below.

The Revolution fact find is simple and intuitive, fully automated and seamlessly integrated into the Revolution Business Management System. It covers the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory ‘know-your-client’ requirement, which all advisers must meet. Recording all the basic information – full name, date of birth, national insurance number etc. as well as financial information, including details of assets, existing investment schemes and existing policies.

Revolution passes data through to all sourcing and client management areas saving you valuable time and avoiding any unnecessary data duplication as you progress through the sales process.

The fact find has built-in validation which analyses the data before progressing to sourcing, flagging any missing information.

Clients will also have access to the Client Portal which incorporates a self-service fact find simply by registering with their email address.

Revolution fully integrates with Trigold leaving no need to re-key any data. This provides everything you need to progress and complete mortgage cases efficiently and effectively, including a wide range of tools to assist you in attaining the best outcome for your client.

Fully compliant, Revolution uses a suite of compliance tools to ensure robust processes are followed, KFIs and comparisons are easily sourced and pulled back from Trigold creating a fully traceable audit trail helping to protect your business.

With access to powerful whole of market flexible mortgage sourcing, product data, lender notes and advanced results filtering, Revolution helps produce the most suitable tailored client illustration.

Results of the quotes and KFIs can be shared with the client instantly and are automatically saved in Revolution against the client’s record, providing the ability to source multiple options with Revolution recording the primary recommendations and any alternatives.

Revolution fully integrates with iPipeline’s quoting portal Solution Builder which provides access to powerful and flexible protection sourcing. Client details are pre-populated negating the need to re-key data and quotes can be refined and tailored to suit client requirements. Up to date product data and advanced results retrieve the most suitable tailored client illustration options.

For General Insurance quoting Revolution integrates seamlessly with GIology, Legal & General’s point of sale system.

Revolution is fully compliant, ensuring robust measures are followed. KFIs and comparisons are easily sourced then retrieved into Revolution, with an audit trail to help protect your business.

Sourcing results and KFIs can be shared with the client instantly and are automatically saved in Revolution against the client’s record. This provides the ability to source multiple options whilst recording the primary recommendations and the client’s chosen outcome.

Sourcing results and client decision outcomes will then automatically pre-populate the Demands and Needs statement.

Revolution provides Advisors with the ability to generate quotes for Conveyancing and Wills by sourcing via the fully integrated ULS portal. Once a mortgage recommendation has been made no extra details are required to generate quotes, the ULS portal automatically compares solicitors and licensed conveyancers providing a comprehensive list of quotations.

Areas of comparison can be based on:

  • Total cost of quote for the work required
  • Distance from the property address
  • Level of service provided which is measured via customer feedback levels.

Clients and customers who want to proceed with one of the solicitors and licensed conveyancers can then do so immediately.

Revolution provides a straightforward referral process based on the chosen quote: Client details are sent to ULS automatically, who then contact the client directly. Referral commission is automatically calculated and recorded in Revolution.

Revolution progression milestones are linked directly to ULS which provides real time access to track case advancement. ULS also provides a UK based help desk open 7 days a week.

Another of Revolution’s many sourcing features is Surveys. This option will allow users to refer their clients for two types of surveys via SDL Surveying. Once the client has been referred, SDL Surveying will contact the client to arrange and complete the survey.

HomeBuyer Report
A HomeBuyer Report is intended for conventional, residential properties e.g. houses, flats and bungalows, which appear to be in a reasonable condition and have not been subject to significant alterations since construction.

Building Survey
A Building Survey is suitable for most residential properties and provides a detailed picture of their construction and condition, including roof, chimney, wall, floor, ceiling, door and window. It’s more in depth than a HomeBuyer Report.

Revolution software makes managing day to day tasks easy with a range of flexible options such as recording, assigning, searching and analysing tasks with the click of a button, helping you and your company to get the most from the working day.

By providing an easy to use, and comprehensive system to help run and grow your business, Revolution gives a concise and manageable picture of each client and their application’s progress. User friendly screens enables staff to prioritise and plan their day efficiently and effectively.

Revolution’s business management functionality gives you a full audit trail of the tasks completed by your staff with the ability to re-assign tasks and gather an overview of an advisor’s pipeline.

Each application is fully trackable via tailored milestones which mirror the individual sales process. Effective monitoring is crucial to the success of your company, and Revolution provides this information at the touch of a button.

Revolution provides you with a full audit trail of communications, both internally and with clients, and aids business productivity and forecasting.

Revolution fully supports the industry compliance requirements, and has in-built functionality to assist advisers in achieving and maintaining the required standard.

Some of the main compliance features include:

  • The generation of Terms of Business (ToB) which can be tailored to each review, whether discussing regulated mortgages, non-regulated mortgages or protection only
  • The compiling of comprehensive suitability letters which will include the appropriate facts and figures when discussing a variety of high risk areas such as:
    • Lending into retirement
    • Interest only mortgages
    • Debt consolidation
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) feature provides an easy way to log and monitor both FCA and TCF requirements
  • Marketing material that has pre-approved disclosure wording included.

Creating professional marketing material can be a costly and time-consuming process. Touchpoint is Revolution’s online creative digital marketing solution which allows you to design your own marketing materials, e-magazines and letter templates.

Revolution provides the facility to generate bespoke marketing materials from a variety of approved and branded templates. There are options to select colourways and images, before exporting as an image or PDF. You can also create your own personalised online e-magazine by choosing from numerous topical articles, and branding. Marketing materials can be stored in your Revolution marketing library for easy access later.

The inbuilt mailing list creator allows creation of targeted mailing lists which can then be scheduled and distributed through email or post.

Another great CRM feature is the Touchpoint Campaign Manager which provides the ability to set up, administer and analyse marketing campaigns.

Management Information is a crucial tool in managing your business and Revolution provides a comprehensive range of Management Information reports. Revolution reports can add value to your business by covering a number of areas such as administration, compliance, financial, pipelines, client retention and TCF enabling analysis of trends, minimising risks, income forecasting and gaining insight into many areas of your business.

Each report can be easily filtered and summarised to your specific requirements. The results can then be exported in several formats including Excel, Word and PDF.

Access to each of these reports can be granted to users on an individual basis so that you can ensure that users can only view Management Information that is relevant to their role within the firm.

Revolution incorporates a simple and easy to use document upload and storage facility.

Documents are securely stored within our UK based data centre; once logged in and connected to Revolution’s secure server documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world; there is no requirement for users to keep local copies.

Documents can be quickly and easily uploaded to Revolution which allows multiple file formats including PDF, word, excel, jpg, tiff, gif, png, or msg (email). Documents can be uploaded either directly to the case or individual policy and further organised into document specific categories which can be tailored as required.

Revolution automatically stores a copy of the system generated compliance documents such as the D&N, MROS, IDD and Fact Find which not only saves time but also ensures key compliance documents have been uploaded to each case.

Revolution offers a powerful, dynamic commission and fee tracking reconciliation feature, saving businesses valuable time and money.

Revolution allows processing and recording of Income types including:

  • Proc Fees
  • Initial and renewal commission
  • Broker and referrer fees
  • Ad-hoc referral income
  • Split commission.

Commission estimates are automatically calculated for all products sourced via Revolution including Mortgages, Protection and General Insurance policies. Commissions are recorded against each individual policy on submission of application.

Detailed commission sacrifices and policy ratings can be recorded against each policy, automatically re-calculating commission due in real-time and providing a concise audit trail for future reference.

Revolution records all your commission income and then automatically calculates and produces commission statements for your advisers. This data can be processed and fed through to Revolution Management Reporting for accurate analysis and cash-flow forecasting.

The Revolution Client Portal makes it easier and more secure than ever to exchange documents and keep clients up to date with all their cases in one place:

  • Enhances service and support to your customers
  • A place to securely communicate and share documents
  • Gives greater control and transparency through a simple yet intuitive interface
  • Customers can access the portal 24/7 and track case progression
  • The customer can complete a full client FactFind ahead of any Advisor appointment
  • Prompts for cross selling of insurance and related products helping to maximize your investment in customer acquisition

The client site is branded with your company colours and logo. The hyperlink to create a new customer account can be embedded into emails, websites and any social media platforms.

The Revolution Introducer Site makes it easier for the Introducer to refer clients and keep your customers and business partners informed of case progression with no extra effort.

  • Customers, Networks, Solicitors, Estate Agents and Introducers can all login (should you wish them too)
  • Introducers can be kept up to date easily and quickly via automatic case progression without the need to contact you
  • Selective tasks and notes can be made visible to the introducer, with access given purely on a ‘Read Only’ basis.

The Revolution introducer site is branded with your company colours and logo and is fully accessible 24/7.

Introducers have access to various reporting tools to enable tracking and data analysis of historic and current referrals.

The Revolution system has been built from the ground up with security a cornerstone of the development process. The sites and database are able to withstand all common threats and data is encrypted to protect privacy as standard through HTTPS between the web server and client computers using TLS.The Revolution server’s encryption and cypher suites are tested on a monthly basis with 3rd party tools, and consistently pass the ‘A’ standard. Revolution utilises multiple servers, allowing us to be fully protected against fast-emerging security threats such as the ‘poodle’ and ‘heartbleed’ security concerns within hours, and with minimal downtime for users.

Finally, Revolution employs 3rd party computer security consultants to perform penetration testing of security on a regular basis. Our last examination found no areas for concern, and we continually review and implement further measures to improve security and reduce risk.