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Protection + GI Proposition

Grow your business by diversifying your income streams and protecting your clients.

Protection Proposition

We believe that protection should be the foundation of all quality financial planning. That’s why we’ve built a proposition that will help our member firms advise with confidence.

Market-Leading Panel

We have a market-leading panel of providers, who are constantly innovating their products and technology.
Our providers are easily accessible to provide support with keeping product knowledge up to speed.

Solution Builder Technology

Our Revolution system is fully integrated with iPipeline’s Solution Builder technology.

This intelligent protection quote tool allows our member firms to compare protection products side by side and quickly identify the right solution for their client’s needs.

BDM Sales Support

Stonebridge BDMs are there to help optimise protection advice.

They will be on hand to provide training on the best practice sales process to help our member firms maximise opportunities.

Referral Service

If our member firms prefer to focus on mortgages and refer protection elsewhere, then we can also provide a referral option. Stonebridge Protect takes the risk and burden away from mortgage advisers, by guiding their clients from initial enquiry through to writing the policy in trust.

GI Proposition

Our general insurance proposition helps our member firms to protect their clients, while enabling them to place business quickly and profitably.

We work with a range of GI providers, all of which provide a comprehensive, quality product with a great claims service.

Our Revolution system is fully integrated with LV= SmartQuote technology. This slick GI portal allows our member firms to access quotes for their clients within seconds.

If our member firms haven’t arranged GI before, or are keen to expand this area of their business, our Business Development team will be on hand to support.

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