What Our Mortgage Network Partners Say About Us:

Matthew Clarke

Been with Stonebridge almost 7 years now, fantastic company to deal with, 100% honest and professional. Always available to help and improve my company. Great staff & management

Michael O'Brien

Having been with Stonebridge for over 10 years I have seen the business grow into a much larger network. Their growth has supported my growth and seen my business go from strength to strength. The support has always been there when needed. The integrated CRM system has enabled me to develop my proposition for estate agents. Thumbs up!

Jon Stones

I have been working with Stonebridge for nearly 10 years now and find them an excellent company to deal with. They are honest, professional and have helped and supported me in developing and growing my business. I cannot recommend them highly enough

Michael Bennison

We have been with Stonebridge for over 2 years and had nothing but positive experiences. They are a network who care about their ARs and they are very easy to communicate with. The system they have developed provides a great tool to spend more time advising our clients

Malcolm Cowcher

I have dealt with this company for over 23 years and in that time they have arranged 2 mortgages for myself and an equity release mortgage for each of my parents. In addition they recommended that I took out life and critical illness insurance for which I am grateful as when I suffered a heart attack the critical illness paid out and relieved any financial pressures I may have felt. A top class firm offering top class service.

David Murray

We have been with Stonebridge since we started our business and they have always offered us fantastic support. The on-boarding process is smooth and the systems are designed for mortgage brokers i.e. not general financial advice. You therefore have a very tailored IT solution. The support we have received from Compliance has been excellent and the financial promotions team and quick to approve sales literature. We also have a very good business manager who regularly keeps in contact with us to help us grow the business. I would highly recommend Stonebridge.

Noord Romjon

Fantastic network, great supportive people and excellent CRM in Revolution which reduces admin time. I have been with Stonebridge for 3 years and I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

Lisa Stones

The mortgage firm I work for has been part of the Stonebridge Group Network for over 5 years now. During this time Stonebridge have supported the fast growth of our company, always available at the other end of the phone to offer advice and guidance and we are proud to be part of their network.

Jonathan Jackson

Excellent network. Have worked through them for five years and are first class!

Simon Cradock

Nationwide and The Mortgage Works (TMW) have a very close working relationship with the Stonebridge Group and have seen an 82% growth in mortgage completion business over the last 2 financial years. We hold the relationship we have with Richard and his team in high regard and continue to work closely with them to ensure strong business and quality results.

Esther Dijkstra

Stonebridge Group have been a key partner of Lloyds Banking Group for many years. We have been witness to their growth in terms of both adviser numbers and lending volumes, but what is key to us as a lender, is that their focus remains on quality of business, innovation within the mortgage market, and the best outcomes for their clients.

Ben Williams

Stonebridge Group have been a Key Distribution Partner of Coventry Building Society for a number of years.  In that time I have found them to be a professional Network, that place adviser quality at the centre of their business and value the benefit of regular engagement with us a lender partner, ensuring excellent customer outcomes.