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Stonebridge announces new ID verification technology and upgrades to Revolution

Stonebridge, the mortgage and insurance network, has today (9th December 2019) announced the launch of ‘RevolutionID’ – a new piece of market-leading functionality including ID and address-verification technology and a number of additional upgrades to its trading platform, Revolution.

The network believes the introduction of the ‘RevolutionID’ verification system will save hundreds of administration hours every month for its member firms, as well as delivering a more consistent advice and compliance journey, improving both the mortgage broking process and the customer journey.

The ‘RevolutionID’ verification service – developed and launched in partnership with Experian – has been fully integrated into the Revolution system allowing users, at the touch of a button, to validate the identification of their client and receive a ‘pass/referral/rejection’ response immediately along with additional customer insight.

The system returns a full ID and address verification report to the adviser and is a key part of the process for Stonebridge AR firms and advisers. ‘Revolution ID’ has completed its pilot phase and is now being rolled-out to all Stonebridge AR firms.

Stonebridge has also updated and redesigned both its introducer and client portals available through Revolution and which the network says contribute to its member firms’ winning new introducers.

The introducer portal – which allows both firms and their introducer contacts to check the progress of their referred leads through the mortgage process – has been restyled. The portal allows introducers to refer leads in, feed in data, follow the leads, message the adviser/firm, and view reports on where leads have progressed in the pipeline

Revolution has also further developed and redesigned its client portal, which similarly allows clients to securely log-in and check the progress of their case online. Through the portal, the adviser can also request and exchange documentation with the client, house the client questionnaire, and provide full mortgage/policy tracking.

Advisers can choose their own configuration of what is housed within the client portal, plus Revolution can also provide an API allowing firms to produce their own unique portal, tailoring the data they require and what they would like their clients to see and use.

Tim Merrey, Director of Revolution, commented:

“One of the key focuses for us as a network is to ensure our AR firms and advisers have a system which is top of the class when it comes to technology, functionality, and usefulness.

“We are particularly pleased to be rolling-out our new ‘RevolutionID’ system, in partnership with Experian. Not only will it help firms counter potential ID fraud and give them full confidence about the clients they are dealing with, but it can seriously reduce the time spent on a task which historically has sometimes taken many hours to secure a satisfactory outcome.

“The feedback we’ve received from firms taking part in the pilot phase of ‘RevolutionID’ has been incredibly positive, and we believe this will be another excellent service addition for all our advisers.

“The upgrades and redesigns to both our introducer and client portals are particularly useful to an advisory profession, who may feel unease about the increase in robo advice and the utilisation of technology by lenders, particularly when it comes to product transfer and execution-only business.

“The introduce portal allows firms to fully interact with their introducers in order to show them the status of the leads they have fed in. Plus, they can also use the client portal to not only provide full transparency on their mortgages and policies, but as a means to communicate and secure information directly, cutting down on the need for large amounts of administration.

“There is much more to come from Revolution and, having added considerably to the number of developers working on the system, we believe it continues to deliver significant value, and we are looking forward to rolling out a number of new benefits and opportunities via the system.”

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