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New telephone number

From Tuesday 6th December 2022 we go live with a new telephone number for Stonebridge, so get ready to update your phone contact list! Our new main contact number is 0345 646 5505, and the same teams continue to be ready to answer your calls from 9 am – 5 pm every weekday.

In response to member feedback, and after restructuring the business standards teams recently, we have made some changes to the way the call options are presented and how the calls are routed, which make contacting the member of the team you want to speak to even quicker.

On calling the new number you’ll hear a new series of options to choose from, designed to get you speaking to the right person as quickly as possible. To save you from listening to the whole menu, one of the features of the new system is that you can select the option you want much sooner, reducing your wait time by up to 13 seconds!

If you’ve saved our current number in your phone, be sure to update it to 0345 646 5505 from Tuesday 6th December 2022.

We all know that old habits die hard, so should the muscle memory in your fingers dial the soon-to-be-retired 01268 number, don’t worry, you’ll still get through to us.

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