Stonebridge, the mortgage and insurance network, has today (7th August 2020) announced further development to its wholly-owned trading platform, Revolution, with a focus on its Introducer Portal and additional enhancements to factfind.

As of today, users of Revolution who utilise the Introducer Portal to aid their introducer relationships and track cases, will see added functionality enabling them to select their own themes and logos, providing a personalised portal in keeping with their brand.

There were also a number of further new improvements completed during July, following ongoing investment in the system, including:

  • An upgrade to ensure debt consolidation is allocated to the correct client mortgage, preventing duplication.
  • Enhanced Terms of Business (ToB) functionality – allowing users to ensure the ToB communication only goes to the selected client rather than all affiliated clients.
  • Official registered company details of the user have now been added to the Client Portal footer.
  • A full redesign of the ‘Quotes and Policy’ page layout to enhance the user experience.

The Revolution technical team have also completed a number of further improvements to the factfind element of the system including:

  • Portfolio property export – following last month’s addition of ‘buy-to-let rental income’ to factind, users will now be able to export a list of client properties into Excel, and also see associated mortgage details alongside the property.
  • The ability to enter credit card limits on clients’ credit cards.
  • Default entries of ‘£0’ for ‘other income’ and ‘employed/self-employed income’ on the factfind interface will eliminate having to enter the same value multiple times.

The Revolution team has also continued with its 11-stage restyling project for Revolution improving user navigation and ensuring the platform works more responsively on iPads and tablet devices.

The pipeline tasks and amendments that will be completed as part of the next phase of overall development have been announced including: further restyling; a brand new adviser dashboard; an equity release factfind; an improved letter editor; and updated ‘protection and views’.

Tim Merrey, Director of Revolution, commented:

“There are various parts of the Revolution system which we know are vitally important to our member firms, and the Introducer Portal is undoubtedly one of them. Ensuring that users are able to portray their correct brand visuals to their introducer contacts means they are able to present the right image to these valued introducers.

“We’ve also been able to respond to member firm requests for changes within the system, particularly those that can ensure administration is kept to a bare minimum. Our Revolution development team are able to do this, as well as ensure our structured changes are completed, because we have all the resources we need, given the ongoing investment that Stonebridge is making into the system.”

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