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3 things you should know about Revolution this month

Our team of developers have been driving through a whole host of upgrades and functionality enhancements this month.

Opting into compliance

To help protect our AR firms and their clients’ data, Revolution’s Client Portal has been updated with an extra client ‘opt in’ checkbox. A new statement asks clients to tick a box to grant permission for any introducers to access their personal information.

Mortgage comparison tool

To help avoid any future issues with lender mortgage term length changes, the mortgage term limit has been increased from 40 to 100 years in our handy mortgage term comparison tool! The tool cleverly allows advisers to view their clients’ comparison results, both with and without repayment charges.

Mortgage scheme end – new alert

To save time and avoid duplication of effort when it comes to scheme ends, a new Revolution pop-up alerts advisers’ if a second opportunity is created in the Lead Management tool for the same client.

A new icon is giving advisers’ a helpful heads-up that an opportunity is already open for a client – or could already be being worked on by someone else in your firm.

Keep a look out for more Revolution developments as we head into the autumn.

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