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Consumer Duty update

Consumer Duty introduces a new Consumer Principle which requires us to continue to deliver good outcomes for customers

What’s coming

To ensure that all our ARs consistently provide good outcomes for their customers, we’re implementing exciting enhancements across Revolution, Client Portal, and customer documentation. We want you to stay informed about these changes in advance, so we’ve outlined them below. Full documentation to support you and your customers will be provided and added to this page.

Everything your customers need, all in one place

To ensure a consistent approach across the network and to enable easy access to policy details and opportunities for customers, we’ll be providing Client Portal access to all customers at the point a sale is created in Revolution. This means all customers will automatically receive an invitation (via email) to activate their Client Portal account, should they wish to do so.

For registered customers, as their scheme end date approaches, they will receive a notification to review updated documents.

If you create a new opportunity for an existing customer with access to the Client Portal, they’ll receive a reminder email with their login details, avoiding the need for another account.

Additionally, you can continue to use other Client Portal functionalities, like the client questionnaire, as needed.

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Empowering you to create, save, and easily share documents

To make creating important customer documents in Revolution even easier, you’ll soon be able to save drafts of your customer’s MRoS, D&N, and ToB.

Once you’ve completed and published each document, they’ll automatically go to your customer’s Client Portal. No need to issue them manually as your customer will receive an email about the new document for them to read.

Of course, you can still issue them manually if you, or your customer, prefers.

Enhancing the customer-friendliness of MRoS, D&N, and ToB

To make these key customer documents even more customer-friendly, we’ve carefully reviewed and revised the language, making them easier to understand without compromising any essential information about your advice and the customer’s chosen product.

These updates ensure that the documentation better aligns with your customer’s objectives and maintains a user-friendly approach for you when creating each one.

Production of the MRoS and D&N will be broadly the same as it is today, but there are some new features that you’ll see when they’re made available. To help you understand these changes ahead of time, two new guides are now available in your Revolution library. These are:

Consumer Duty MRoS August 2023
Consumer Duty D&N August 2023

Log in to Revolution now, navigate to your library and you’ll find them both in the Revolution sub-section.

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Collecting and handling customer preferences

In accordance with FCA guidance to ensure clarity in key documents and messaging, we are streamlining the ToB. The Data Consent form will be removed and your customer’s preferences will be captured in their Client Portal account under the Privacy Policy settings.

To ensure transparency, a Privacy Statement will be automatically sent to the customer when they log in to their Client Portal for the first time, explaining how their data is used.

Both you and your customers will be able to manage preferences. You can do so through Revolution, while customers will do so through the Client Portal homepage. To keep you and your customers informed about any preference changes, we’ll send notifications to you in Revolution and to your customers in the Client Portal.

Empowering customers to effortlessly stay organized

To ensure a good outcome for all customers accessing their key documents, both during the advice process and for future reference, we are introducing two new libraries – ‘Documents Sent’ and ‘Documents Received’.

Ensuring your customer’s attention is drawn to any new document you send them, it will be highlighted on their Client Portal homepage for 14 days, but always available in the new ‘Documents Received’ library.

Additionally, we’ll be providing your customers with a collection of new, customer-friendly fact sheets, replacing the ‘Helping Hands’ brochure. These fact sheets offer valuable information about various products and features, enabling your clients to better understand the advice you provide.

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Consumer Duty webinar

To revisit everything you need to know about Consumer Duty, Alex Hill, Head of Business Standards & Risk at Stonebridge hosts an on demand webinar that gives you a useful overview of what it all means, how it will affect you, and the steps we’re taking to meet the FCA’s new requirements.

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